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Granville Island Pet Treatery

To Dive For

To Dive For

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Slowly dehydrated for maximum nutrition: The Granville Island Pet Treatery Dehydrated Protein Wild Salmon & Tuna Treat for Dogs & Cats are slowly dehydrated to retain maximum nutrients, vitamins, and healthy oils. This ensures that your pets are getting the best quality and most nutritious treats possible.

Single-ingredient treat: Our salmon and tuna treats are made with just one single ingredient - wild salmon and tuna. There are no added fillers, preservatives, or artificial additives, making them a healthy and wholesome option for both dogs and cats.

Raw and natural: Our treats are made from raw, wild-caught salmon and tuna, providing a natural and biologically appropriate snack for your pets. Raw food can be beneficial for pets' overall health and well-being, and our dehydrated treats are a convenient way to incorporate raw nutrition into their diet.

Made in Canada: Our treats are proudly made in Canada, ensuring high-quality ingredients and manufacturing standards. You can trust that your pets are getting a premium product from a reputable source.-

Convenient 90g size: The package is perfect for treating your pets on the go or as a training reward. The resealable bag helps to keep the treats fresh for longer, so your pets can enjoy them over time.

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