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Snugarooz Fire The Dragon, 14"

Snugarooz Fire The Dragon, 14"

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Welcome the fierce Fire Dragon into your home, a bold and vibrant companion for your pup! This striking toy, adorned in shades of red and yellow, boasts a unique spiky-soft texture that's irresistible to touch. Crafted with care and responsibility, the Fire Dragon is made from recycled water bottles, embodying both fun and eco-friendliness.

Inside this fiery friend lies a blend of exciting features - a squeaker that intrigues and a crinkle material that adds an extra layer of entertainment. This Fire Dragon is not just a toy; it's an adventure, ready to unleash its fiery spirit during playtime. Bring home this dragon today and ignite a world of fun for your furry friend! 12x3x3.5".

All Snugarooz plush toys are made from recycled water bottles.

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