Open Range Cheek Stick

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Open Range's Cheeky Bully Stick is crafted from 100% pure beef cheek meat. Resembling a Pizzle Bully Stick in appearance, dogs adore its rich beefy flavor! It offers a chew similar to a Pizzle Bully Stick and is highly digestible. Meet the NEXT generation Bully Stick!

100% pure beef cheek meat. derived from grass-fed animals that are raised without the use of steroids, hormones and antibiotics and contain no added artificial preservatives. colors or flavors.

A medium-hard chewing treat that helps to reduce plaque and tartar. Cheek meat is high in protein (82%), low in fat (3%), and easily digestible dog treat. It's 100% beef, with the beefy flavour dogs love. It is also naturally rich in collagen, contributing to healthier joint function. This is the NEXT Bully Stick!

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