Crinkle Hedgehog

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Tender-tuffs are for every dog owner who wants a plush toy your dog loves to play with that lasts longer than a day. Made with proprietary Tear Blok technology, smartpetlove tender-tuffs are soft, strong, and last long! Tender-tuffs are available in a variety of categories (tug, crinkle, no squeaker, large breed, small breed, fetch, and more), meaning there is a toy to fit your dog’s individual style of play. Tender-tuffs are intended for rough play, but are not meant as a chew toy. 

  • Proprietary Tear Blok Technology reduces frequent plush toy replacement
  • Fulfilling size with a full, soft bite but has no stuffing in the belly
  • puncture resistant squeaker allows tender-tuffs to keep squeaking
  • Strong colors helps you grab your dog’s attention
  • Interactive toy facilitates healthy interaction between you and your dog
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