Coastal® Remington® Braided Rope Dog Slip Leash Green & White 6 Feet

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The Remington Braided Rope Slip Dog Leash is a great tool for field trials and crate transfer. Available in 3' and 6' lengths. Made of soft braided rope, our slip leashes create their own collars. Recommended by trainers, these collars allow quick yet gentle correction and has leather slides that adjust the collars to fit any size neck. Durable and flexible for easy storage.


  • Six-foot leash is made from a soft, braided nylon rope.
  • Durable material is so flexible it can be folded and put into your pocket.
  • Trainer-recommended design allows for quick, yet gentle correction.
  • Fashionable rope design with leather-like accents adds style to your daily walks.
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